Only drowning men could see her.

 I have missed you guys soo much. There is really no excuse for my absence, BUT...i was sick okey?!
I'm feeling a lot better now so i decided to ease you back into seeing my mug of a face with this product post.
People that really know me know that i wear glasses (sometimes), im supposed to wear it all the time but i hate them, they ride up my nose and give me an awful headache! So when i was contacted by Firmoo i took that as an opportunity to finally get my hands on some awesome looking frames that would fit perfectly as well. 
You really need to check this site out, right now they are having a 50% off your first frame deal
If you need prescription lenses all you have to do is just plug in your prescription numbers and "VIOLA" you'll be sitting all wide eyed with me!
As for me i'm loving my new glasses...you're welcome fellow North Carolina Drivers.

Glasses : Firmoo.com


Hang on to your love.

Howdy do yall?! Just kidding. I am obviously in a cowboy/hobo/homeless mood. I am in love with mixing prints and the cold of this sad winter cant do anything to stop it! I need to tell you guys about my awesome "ballz" necklace, its so unique (no i am not being paid to say this lol...i wish though!) and i ALWAYS get complimented on it. I bought like 4 of them, #dontjudge they where only $5.60.
Link down below if you wana check it out.
Ill call this my #simpleactofkindness for the month?!
haha, love yall!

Ooh, what do yall plan to do this VALENTINES day?

Get the look-
Necklace : here // here
Pants : here // here // here // here
Sweater : here // here // here // here


The sweetest Taboo.

Getting it on in all black today, i don't know why i associate black as dressing "sexy", but i do. Then again i am as far away from "sexy" as possible, just ask my boyfriend after I've had a huge meal of beans!
Good news... I am vegan now! Watching the documentary "Forks over Knives" on Netflix one boring night was really the push i needed. Its been a week and its actually not as hard as i thought it would be. I have been cooking a lot more, researching, fishing out vegan friendly restaurants in raleigh NC #missionimpossible.  
One extraordinary thing is that i am discovering a shit load of ingredients i hadn't even heard of, #Seitan anyone?! 
I may be sharing a few of my fav recipes on here as time goes on. 
Wish me luck!


Get the look
Top :  here, here, and here.
Heels : here, and  here.
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See through clutch : here.