Hang on to your love.

Howdy do yall?! Just kidding. I am obviously in a cowboy/hobo/homeless mood. I am in love with mixing prints and the cold of this sad winter cant do anything to stop it! I need to tell you guys about my awesome "ballz" necklace, its so unique (no i am not being paid to say this lol...i wish though!) and i ALWAYS get complimented on it. I bought like 4 of them, #dontjudge they where only $5.60.
Link down below if you wana check it out.
Ill call this my #simpleactofkindness for the month?!
haha, love yall!

Ooh, what do yall plan to do this VALENTINES day?

Get the look-
Necklace : here // here
Pants : here // here // here // here
Sweater : here // here // here // here


The sweetest Taboo.

Getting it on in all black today, i don't know why i associate black as dressing "sexy", but i do. Then again i am as far away from "sexy" as possible, just ask my boyfriend after I've had a huge meal of beans!
Good news... I am vegan now! Watching the documentary "Forks over Knives" on Netflix one boring night was really the push i needed. Its been a week and its actually not as hard as i thought it would be. I have been cooking a lot more, researching, fishing out vegan friendly restaurants in raleigh NC #missionimpossible.  
One extraordinary thing is that i am discovering a shit load of ingredients i hadn't even heard of, #Seitan anyone?! 
I may be sharing a few of my fav recipes on here as time goes on. 
Wish me luck!


Get the look
Top :  here, here, and here.
Heels : here, and  here.
Skirt : here, here, here and here.
See through clutch : here.



Naturally i am back on my addiction with Kaftans. I cant help it, it just fits my personality...free and slightly unflattering. I must say i freaking LOVE it! I was all over the place on this shoot.


Moon River

IM BACK?! Yay?!
Same excuse i always have for my absence, blah blah "work" blah blah i have the girl flu, you know
 code red-for about 5-6 more days... i'm leaking damnit! Forget it, lets just skip all that. Like a shameless dead beat dad all that matters is that i always come back... and i come bearing gifts.
 First of all my lovely beautiful blogger friend over at The Crime Of Fashion published an eBook which i had the opportunity to read, honestly the book is freaking amazing! i am too busy/lazy to read any books lately but i read this one in one sitting so you guys really need to check it out for yourselves here.
Secondly, i heard i was featured in a UK magazine called "Hello! magazine" but i cant get my hands on it, so if any of you sexy ass peeps see this article please let me know or send me a pic of it? KAY THANKS!
Third...I will be blogging a lot more so keep an eye out for that. 
As always, i love yall... #creepsforlife


Get the look:
Top : here & here // Pants : here, here & here // Sunnies : here&here // Lucite clutch: here &here (so cheap!)


If you knew...

Seems like i always have a million ish going on in any given minute, finally got through my SAT's... It was horrible_ like pulling out teeth! Anyways lets hope my blog schedule gets back to usual. I miss it!!!
I took these pics a while ago and totally forgot about them... but thats cool cuz its like a nugget of gold anytime i can find pic i didnt know about.

Lace top : Forever21 // Skirt : Forever21 : Heels : Shoedazzle