One monkey don't stop the show.

Crop top : Nastygal // Distressed jeans : Nastygal // Heels : Shoedazzle // Chain Necklace : Nastygal.

These days, i can barely find the time to wipe my own butty, hahaha...jk jk! I actually did have a day off today but its 7:22pm and i have no idea what the hell i did all day, BOOOOOOOOO!
Just between you and me i think these jeans are jacked up, i mean they fit a bit weird and make my crotch look like potato sacks, HA...I have been wanting to return them for almost a year now but i never get around to it! Anyways i am going to finally wholeheartedly adopt this ugly duckling into my closet...POTATO CROTCH or NOT!


Like Storm Clouds.

I am so obsessed with the minimalist look...the lifestyle...everything! The jacket i am wearing is actually a doctors lab coat gifted to me by my mom, i love how versatile they are. These Jeffrey Campbells have also been living in the back of my closet but its getting a little attention from me at the moment.

To all you beautiful souls that have been leaving the most heartfelt and thoughtful comments, i appreciate each and everyone and i cant wait to come to your houses and cohabitate with you in love and unification OKAY?! HAHA...jk...maybe.
Follow me! It puts a smile on my mug of a face.

White dress : Forever21 // White Jacket : Thrifted // Black Platforms : Jeffrey Campbells


Try a little tenderness.

Its been a hard hard month emotionally, i lost my aunt and my Grandpa passed away this Sunday morning. I have been just all over the place with no physical energy to do anything, the way i see it...my blog is the only thing i can control right now so even though i feel like watery doo doo, i have dragged myself up and taken these pics. 
After so long of being stubborn, my mom got me back into my love for thrifting, i have absolutely forgotten how much fun it used to be...i mean common, its a treasure hunt!

Dress : Thrifted // Sandals : Earthbound // Crossover bag : Earthbound


Of easy wind and downy flake.

Even though i have been loving my usual B&W outfits, the Nigerian in me always takes over every so often...literally dragging me to the back of my closet and pulling out my more colorful pieces.These heels have definitely experienced what it feels like to be cold, lonely and unloved. I mean i have not even given these heels a second look for almost a year... a YEAR!. But today is a new day, and i decided to flirt a little, so i went to the darkest corner of my closet and pulled these stud muffins out...long story short...I'M IN LOVE all over again. 
Reminded me why i got them in the first place... so unique and truly me...DUH!

Kimono : Forever21 // Skirt : Nastygal // Shoes : Heels // See through clutch : Nastygal


War of the Hearts

 Ugh! this weather has got me all over the place,
i mean i'm loving the change thats coming but damn this feeling of sickness. 
Anyways, here is a fun little photo shoot... its actually based on my new found love for yoga.
Lets hope that love lasts huh?

Any yogis out there?!

Net crop top : Nastygal // Skirt : Nastygal