Of tears and laughs.

OMG! its another black and white outfit huh?... I swear i try to incorporate more colors, 
but i always come back to my first love!
So here is to a casual day in this damn 90 degree weather! 
See you back here soon.
xoxo chidiogo.


quieted into awe

Playsuit : Nastygal // Heels : Jessica Simpson


In its train come ecstasies

Uggh! i was absolutely being a bag of hammers today (when am i not?!). 
Let me tell you...involuntary naps are no fun.
Hence the creation of my outfit, i saw it in a half dream or something...it was light, airy, carefree and it matched! (duh!
Case closed...i should do this more often huh?


faces sooted with scorn

I thought i'd mention the fact that i turned 20 yesterday! 
My teenage years are far gone...i don't know whether to feel ecstatic or depressed lol...one thing for sure is that i am not done feeling awkward with myself. 
Yup! i am a healthy 20 year old weirdo in the making.
Anyways i am really loving my new pearl necklace, it is so chic! 
The best of all? well it was less than $3...crazy huh? Links for the items i have on comes after the last pic.
So go! Shop! Email me...text me?...Tell me everything you do, did and are doing!
(told you i was a weirdo)

Black Lace Cami : Nastygal // Distressed Jeans : Nastygal (here and here) //
 Pearl Necklace : here


Past aloof stars