If you knew...

Seems like i always have a million ish going on in any given minute, finally got through my SAT's... It was horrible_ like pulling out teeth! Anyways lets hope my blog schedule gets back to usual. I miss it!!!
I took these pics a while ago and totally forgot about them... but thats cool cuz its like a nugget of gold anytime i can find pic i didnt know about.

Lace top : Forever21 // Skirt : Forever21 : Heels : Shoedazzle 


Aged in soul

Dress : Forever21 // Fur Jacket : Forever21 // Necklace : Forever21 // Shoes : Nike

i missed my maxi's too much and i couldn't wait for warmer weather so i just paired it with my faux fur "pimp jacket" ,
My pink bra was invited to the show as well, i couldnt care enough to change them into something that matched. Having boobs too big for going comando kinda makes it impossible to live without the dreaded bra strap, so i have come to accept it.
To all the bra strap disapproving strangers...SUCK IT!


The one i knew too well

Sports bra : Victoria Secret // Skirt : Forever21 // Heels : Shoedazzle // Bracelet : Up by Jawbone

Am i the only one that has been feeling dumb as shit lately? i mean between 3/4 and 1/3, i don't even know which one is the higher of the two and don't get me started on spell check, without it you might as well give me a rattle and watch me dig up my butt.
I have my SAT's coming up...Yes i'm 20, yes i still havent taken my SAT's, #dontjudge i can explain. 
When i came to the U.S my sophomore year confused as shit about everything, the system, the grades... i basically had no guide but by some miracle i graduated an above average student, still i somehow didn't get the memo that i was supposed to take the SAT's, CURSE you invisible counselor. 
So here i am old as shit trying to remember what the hell "integers" mean, i feel so overwhelmed and instead of studying i'm sitting here writing this post trying as hard as possible not to remember to study. 
I guess my point is that i love you guys a lot and that i'll sacrifice my overdue SAT scores to be with yall... 
So umm, lets get married


Funkier than a mosquito's tweeter

Yalls feedback has just been totally amazing and so thoughtful, makes me wanna cry! Trust me, you dont wanna see me cry...its like the face a monkey makes while giving birth to an adult elephant, look i'm African GODDAMNIT, so i know what the hell im talking about!!!
I've been playing in my mamas closet again,hence my "getup" don't judge, i get bored too :).
Anyways...i love you guys...A LOT!