Strange Fruit.

So I turned 19 today, and I've been having a late teen crisis of sorts… I would say most of my issues would come from a disease of over analyzing and simply dreaming beyond my means. I've wanted to figure everything out ever since I turned 18 last year, suddenly I couldn't wait to map out my whole life down to the very minutes seconds, but unfortunately life doesn't work that way.

I ended up procrastinating because I just couldn't focus on the little things…I was greatly obsessed with achieving the unattainable, I got lazy and at the end of the day I made no progress…just a whole lot of wasted time. This time around I am going to slow down a bit, take things one at a time, work on the little things and just remind myself that its okay not to have everything figured out and that the bridge will be crossed one way or another…even if I have to kayak through it.
Wishing y'all a lovely day.

Jumper : Nastygal
Skirt : Nastygal (similar here)
Heels : Zara
Leaf wreath : DIY.


  1. You look amazing. Love the leaf-wreath, although I don't think I would be able to pull it off!

    (And I've been thinking much the same recently...I'll also be taking it a little slower from now on.) x

  2. Lovely Shoes <3

    XOXO Sandl


  3. Happy birthday! You look amazing <3

  4. Happy Birthday! Girl slow it down. At 28 I'm not where I planned to be when I mapped out my life at 18 but I'm glad for the experiences along the way. 19 was actually an awesome year for me then at Summer of 25 I really started to find myself. Enjoy the journey, make your mistakes, enjoy your triumphs.


  5. Happy Birthday, and yes... slow down. Life is so crazy and I also never just sit and enjoy doing things in stride. You look incredible here and love the skirt! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  6. Happy birthday, love the outfit.xx

  7. I agree with the two ladies about me, you have time to just stop and smell the roses, your life will certainly fall into place, but, stressing about it or wanting to organized every little detail will just cause you headaches. Hmm, I think I might just take my own advice. Ha! Anyway, Happy Birthday and you look amazingly beautiful and ethereal as usual. xox

  8. Nice blog! LOve your style. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? :)

  9. Wonderful outfit ! You are very pretty :)
    Your skirt is beautiful and I love your shoes :)

  10. Beautiful skirt and heels and Happy Belated Birthday!

  11. Hey girl, listen, "dreaming beyond your means" doesn't exist. I grew up in a very small German village and moved to New York City when I was only 20, all alone... nothing is impossible! Never give up, but you are right, take life one step at a time, that way it's even more enjoyable. Great text, even more wonderful outfit! I love that skirt combo and your sexy heels :) Keep it up, you have a wonderful blog! Feel free to check out mine , xoxo from Spain

  12. Happy belated birthday to you!! :)
    I love the outfit, this skirt is really cool! And you have the perfect hair to wear wreaths like this!

  13. i love your hair <3
    and this shoes are perfect :)

  14. like the outfit a lot, skirt is so pretty;)X


  15. Gracias por tu comentario,te sigo desde ya.Me encanta el outfit,las sandalias ideales,yo también las tengo.

  16. I think everyone goes through the same struggle you've been through, at least I know I have! It will all work out in the end. Happy Belated Birthday!

  17. Yup, everyone has that...I did when I was 20, 25, and every year ever since...but it won´t drive you crazy forever, promise!


  18. you killed this look babe. fabulous. and for the record -- theres no such thing as dreaming beyond your means. you can achieve anything in this world you want, you just need to find out how and make sure to take the time to pay attention to signs the universe gives you.

    much love from NYC


  19. Wow, You girl rock! Totally in love with that outfit, the skirt is super awesome!
    Love the pics.
    XOXO from Poland

  20. WOW, this outfit is sooo amazing! I love how you changed up the idea of a flower crown :) Would you like to join my summer give away party? Love, Anna


  21. Great outfit (: Happy birthday!


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