Bring me home

You know that feeling of not being able to breath? Like someone is sitting on your chest and wont get the fuck up? Your breath becomes so heavy and labored and you feel your hands clenching involuntarily. But your unsure how to change it so you try to breath slowly and calmly but you only end up pissing your self off because it thinks you are trying to challenge it so it turns on you and you feel ten times worse.
You drink all the chamomile tea you can get your hands on, rock yourself to restless sleep and hope the sunrises brings some quietness. But it doesn't, you tell yourself tomorrow will be better... Tomorrow hasn't come.

Ooh by the way i'm loving my knee highs, i actually didn't get a chance to wear them during the cold months but its coming in handy with these unpredictable weather.

Get the look :

Shorts : Forever21
Shirt : (mens) H&M
Knee Highs : Urbanog.com


Lips that taste of tears.

So today as you can tell i had no intentions of spending any time ironing out my dress, I actually got it on Forever21.com and i am gonna wear the hell out of it! Its the perfect easy breezy lazy dress for the fast approaching warmer months.

Get the look :

Dress : Forever21
Shoes : Thrifted.
All jewelry from : Earthbound


In another time

I am absolutely obsessed with this frayed denim shorts, I cannot tell you how long i have been on the hunt for one and i finally found the perfect pair on forever21 for such an amazing prize.
I plan to pair them with everything free flowing and breezy.


Get the look :

Shorts : Forever21
African top : Thrifted.
Shoes : Thrifted.
Lunch bag clutch : Forever21


Trouble in mind

I was never a huge fan of accessories but lately I've been wearing these non stop EVEN IN THE SHOWER! Each piece means something so special and deep to me, it grounds and centers my heart.
Cant wait to slowly increase my collection :).
More posts coming your way.

Get the look :

Top : H&M
Boyfriend Jeans : Forever21
Nude heels : Jessica Simpsons
All layered necklaces : Earthbound


Don't look down

Sorry i haven't been blogging lately, trust me i am disappointed in myself as well! I have been literally face down on any soft surface i can get my hands on, my "witch spell" has been kicking my ass. 
Finally today i decided to crawl outta my "slimy bloody cocoon" (you're welcome!), this is my version of dressing up.
See yall soon... hopefully!